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Ability to Exclude Regions Only Accessible via 'Azure Pass' Subscription from Results

Hey guys, Some students want to use the 'Students Starter Offer' subscription during their learning journey. However, among the Azure credit offers by region, certain Azure regions are only accessible via the 'Azure Pass' subscription, which has limited access with specific conditions. The ability to exclude these regions from results would help provide better results for users with access to the 'Students Starter Offer' subscription. For example, during comparisons using the 'Best Price Region / Diff' column, these regions sometimes appear, which is not applicable for other users. The list of regions only accessible via the 'Azure Pass' subscription is available here:Azure Offers by Region | Microsoft Azurehttps://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/offers/azure-credit-offers/

Mahdi Muhaddesi 5 days ago